Druginduced depression of immunity


The., immune ..process

Immune suppression, in.the, treatment of, disease Immune side-effects of., cytotoxicdrugs Drugs., used joLijmm.une, suppression or,chemotherapy


Lymphokine, synthesis, inhibitors, jcyclosponne,,., tacrolimus) Cytokinesignal, tra.n.s.dMcti.o.n, inhibitors nĂ­rapamycin,nleflunomide)

Antilymphocytenanti,b.o.die.s,..(polyclonal., antithymocyteglobulin,., antjn|ymPhocytengl|obullin,n or.monoclonal antilymphocyte,antibody) Antimetabolites

S-AminosaNcylic .acid Gold

Management ofp.atle.nts, withJmmun.e,.suppression

Immune, side-effects ..of., drugs, .commonly, usedin, .inie,n.siyenca.re


Chapter, References

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