25 mg/kg/day oral

1 mg/kg/day over 6 h, Abelcet 5 mg/kg/day, Ambisome

3 mg/kg/day, Amphocil 3 mg/kg/day, IV

400 mg * 1 then 200 mg, 24 h, IV 200 mg, 24 h, oral 200 mg/kg/day

(> 10 days in encephalitis)

Reduce if severe

Reduce if severe

Halve dose if severe Reduce

400 mg, 48-72 h after loading (CH same)

Increase interval using assays: 80 mg, 12-48 h (CH 30%-70% of normal dose, 12 h)

Max. 1.5 g/day if severe


Dose interval to 24 h Avoid, no change

Causes cholestatic jaundice

Max. 200 mg/day if severe

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