Does treatment influence outcome

Despite the significant efforts to improve outcome, progress has been slow. Non-cardiogenic edema still has a high mortality. The worst prognosis can be expected in opportunistic and interstitial pneumonias (close to 90 per cent mortality). Trauma patients have the best prognosis (about 40 per cent mortality). Non-cardiogenic edema associated with sepsis still has a mortality of about 70 per cent (A[tigas.efa/ 1991). These disappointing figures emphasize the fact that, in many instances, non-cardiogenic edema is a mere reflection or symptom of multiorgan disease. Successful resolution of non-cardiogenic edema may not affect the outcome of the underlying process. These considerations may explain our results (Ta.b.!ยง...2.) where the mortality is higher than the degree of success in controlling low-pressure edema.

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