Do2 CI x Hb x Sao2 x 0134 00031 x Pao2

where CI is the cardiac index, Hb is the hemoglobin concentration, Sao2 is arterial saturation, and Pao2 is arterial oxygen partial pressure.

The cardiac index is dependent on myocardial contractility and the balance between pulse rate and cardiac filling time. These factors depend on ventricular filling pressure and therefore on optimal intravascular volume status. Restoration of a normal hemoglobin concentration will increase circulating blood volume and restore tissue perfusion. Arterial saturation depends on matching ventilation and perfusion in the lung parenchyma, with sufficient oxygen supply.

Depending on the cause of shock, other specific treatments, such as antibiotics or surgery, may be needed to restore adequate perfusion pressure and correct maldistribution of flow. Organ-specific therapies may also protect and restore function to targeted organs.

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