DMOD scores

ICU prognosis is strongly influenced by the severity of illness at the time that the patient enters the unit. However, from a therapeutic perspective, the clinician is more interested in what happens to the patient after he or she has been admitted. A quantitative measure of the degree of morbidity that develops following ICU admission can be obtained by calculating a DMOD score. The DMOD score provides an attractive measure of attributable ICU morbidity, and is of potential use in clinical trials or quality assurance activities. Moreover, regardless of the degree of organ dysfunction present when the patient is admitted, mortality increases incrementally with increasing values of the DMOD score (Marshall etal 1995) (Fig 2).

Fig. 2 Increases in MOD scores (the difference between aggregate and admission scores), representing morbidity attributable to events within the ICU, correlated with increasing ICU mortality. (Reproduced with permission from M..ais,h..all §LèL (1995))

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