Deviation from vant Hoff behavior

The COP of normal plasma is between 25 and 30 mmHg. According to the van't Hoff analogy and assuming a protein concentration of 70 g/l and an albumin concentration of 40 g/l, COP for normal plasma becomes 15.1 mmHg at 37 °C (Webb 1992). This is a 40 to 50 per cent underestimate of the measured colloid osmotic pressure, representing considerable deviation from ideal behavior. If van't Hoff's law applied to the behavior of plasma solutions, and assuming an albumin-to-globulin ratio of 1.33 as above, the concentrations of albumin and globulin required to give a colloid osmotic pressure of 25 mmHg would be 67 g/l and 50 g/l respectively. Thus the total protein concentration would be 117 g/l, leading to a considerably higher plasma viscosity ( Webb 1992).

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