Design and function of mechanical ventilators


Basic. design. and, ..function

Microprocessor, ..control insp,irat,orY..and,.exp,iratory ..valves

Design .and function ..duringi .mechanical,o.ry...phase

Volume-controlled mechanical insufflation initiation ..of. mechanical.. insufflation Volume-cycled ..versus . . tim.e-c.yc.led... mechanical. .insufflation G,as...fl,ow, ..pattern during.. .mechanica!. insufflation Pressure-cycled..mechanicaLinsufflation

Pressure-controlled mechanical insufflation

Initiation of. mechanical. insufflation Iime,-cycledor ..flow-cycled .mechanical ..insufflation

Design and ..function ..d.uring, Design, .and ..function


Ex,piratoryā€˛ valves

Conclusions Bibliography

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