Contracted plasma volume syndromes apparent polycythemia stress polycythemia relative polycythemia or pseudopolycythemia

This is seen particularly in patients with hypertension and a lifestyle involving excessive smoking and drinking ( Pearson 1...9..9.1...). Some of these patients are on diuretic therapy for hypertension, which further contracts plasma volume. Again, hematological diagnosis by estimation of blood volume is needed for certainty and rational management. High-dose diuretic therapy, for example furosemide (frusemide) given in a dose of 400 mg or more daily, will contract the plasma volume; when the diuretics are discontinued, the hematocrit may fall within hours from, say, 0.65 to 0.50. It is not really known whether the increased frequency of vascular occlusive diseases in such patients is the result of their lifestyle, their excess weight, or their excessively viscous blood, but interaction between these factors clearly multiplies the risks of vascular occlusive complications.

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