Chapter References

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11.1.2 Pathophysiology of abdominal trauma

J. Biert and R. J. A. Goris introduction

Traumamechanism Localeffects Gastric. .dilatation ileus

Bacterial translocation intra:abdominai..pressure Effects.. on.. .pulmonary. .function

Specific. .e.ffects.of.. trauma..on..organs .and..organfunction Diaphragm

Stomach, ..duodenum,. .and.small ..intestine




Female. ‚Äěreproductive .tract

.Pelvic.. .fractures Abdominal.. wall

Liver Pancreas Colon... and. .rectum Remoteeffects inflammatory.. and ..immune.. effects Organ. .dysfunction Effects.. ofhypothermia

Chapter. References

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