Blood products

When transfusing blood, the improvement in oxygen-carrying capacity must always be balanced against the reduction in flow accompanying the increase in blood viscosity with increasing hemoglobin concentration, the risk of transfusion reaction, and the increasing risk of blood-borne infections.

There is no absolute agreement on the optimal hematocrit; however, the aim should be to maintain the optimum oxygen-carrying capacity while maintaining viscosity as low as possible. Guidelines have been provided, but in the special situation of the perioperative patient maximal oxygen-carrying capacity should be achieved with a hematocrit of between 30 and 40 per cent (Czerand Sh2em.a„k§lJ,9Z8; MaIm,b.eI9 §Qd W02d§0D 1979; ,C.0^S.e..n.S.y.S C.0^f.e..r.e^c§ 1988).

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