This form of immunosuppression is also successful in producing remission in myasthenia gravis. A dose of 2.5 mg/kg/day is used. However, 6 months or more may be required to achieve remission. The side-effects of this drug are less pronounced than those of steroids. Liver function must be checked regularly. Some patients cannot tolerate the drug. Because of the lengthy period required to achieve remission with azathioprine, a combined regimen of steroids and azathioprine is commonly used. This strategy has the benefit of more rapid steroid remission and better long-term maintenance control, and also a higher overall success rate than either regimen alone (Myaslh.ยง.D.ia... .GIa.v.iiS Q.l.i..n.i.2a! .S.t.ud.Y G.rqyp.. ...1993 ).

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