Assistcontrol ventilation

During assist-control ventilation (or assisted mechanical ventilation), each inspiration triggered by the patient is powered by the ventilator. As a safety mechanism, a back-up rate is set so that a machine cycle is provided automatically if the patient does not initiate a breath within the number of seconds dictated by that frequency. Sensitivity to inspiratory effort can be adjusted to require a small or large negative-pressure deflection below the set level of end-expiratory pressure to initiate the machine's inspiratory phase. Alternatively, many of the latest generation machines can be flow triggered, initiating a cycle when a flow deficit of sufficient magnitude is sensed in the expiratory limb of the circuit relative to the inspiratory limb during the exhalation period. Unlike controlled mechanical ventilation or synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation, changes in set machine frequency during assisted mechanical ventilation have no effect on VE unless this back-up frequency is set sufficiently high to supersede or terminate the patient's own respiratory efforts.

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