Other Sensory Systems

3.1 Olfactory

NAAG is seen in the projection cells of the rat's olfactory bulb, the mitral cells;23, 27,

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, , this staining is punctate. , Staining is also seen in periglomerular cells and interneurons23 of the olfactory bulb. The same pattern is seen in the accessory olfactory bulb, but the staining is less intense.23 NAAG is also found in mitral cell axons and terminals. The lateral olfactory tract is labeled, as is the neuropil of olfactory projection areas, such as the anterior olfactory nucleus and the pyriform cortex.23

3.2 Somatosensory

NAAG is found in the largest of the dorsal root ganglion cells in both frog15 and rat,35, 36 and there is label in the dorsal roots, as well. In the dorsal horn of the spinal cord, large-diameter spinal sensory afferents are stained for NAAG. Neuropil labeling is present in all laminae of the spinal cord except the substantia gelatinosa.37 The absence of neuropil staining in the substantia gelatinosa is consistent with the absence of label in small neurons of the dorsal root ganglia .

Many neurons of the spinal gray are labeled, including those of Clarke's column, as

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