Definitive root filling technique

1. Isolate the tooth.

2. Remove the dressing in the access cavity and the cotton pledget, wash out the calcium hydroxide with sterile normal saline and dry the canal,

3. A master gutta pcrcha cone is placed in the root canal—it is often helpful to place Lhe cone into the canal 'thick end first' (Fig. 7.7)—and measured to ensure that it is going all the way in up to the hard tissue barrier.

4. Withdraw the master cone, fill the canal with root canal sealer, coat the master cone with root canal scaler and gently 'puddle it' up into Lhe canal until it reaches the barrier,

5. Complete the root filling using secondary cones condensed laterally to seal the canal in all its dimensions.

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6. Remove cxecss gutta perch a and root canal sealant and seal the acccss cavity with a non-eugenol-containing cement.

Take a post-operative radiograph to coniirm the adequacy of the root filling (Fig. 7.8).

Monitor the tooth at yearly intervals or such intervals that coincide with the patient's regular dental check-up visits.

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