Western Blot, IHC

ICC, Western Blot, Northern Blot

Peralta Soler et al., 1999 (89) IHC

Normal: P-CAD ++ in myo-epithelial cells, E-CAD + in luminal epithelial cells.

IDC: P-CAD + 20% (9/45), E-CAD J, 66% (30/45) among which all P-CAD +, ILC: 0% E- and P-CAD + (0/9). P-CAD + and E-CAD J, ~ higher histological grade, ER- en PR-negativity. No correlation with tumour size and lymph node metastasis.

P-CAD + in IDC does not correlate with myoepithelial markers (SI00, smooth muscle actin, cytokeratin 34PE12)

Mutant P-CAD (Knockout mice): premature differentiation of breast gland alveoli, focal epithelium hyperplasia and dysplasia, and increased lymphocytic infiltration. P-CAD inhibits growth and differentiation of breast gland epithelium

Breast epithelial cell line HC11 (>COMMA-lD) clones: P-CAD f and keratin 14 (K14) f in EGF-growth medium, upregulation on RNA level. BC 20 and BC 44 (P-CAD and K14 strongly + clones of HC11): P-CAD and K14 J, in EGF+ growth medium, reversal to epithelioid phenotype. P-CAD RNA f when a6 and pi integrins are blocked, and by interaction with ECM (lamin and fibronectin)

IDC: 52% P-CAD+ (95/183), independent of tumour size and lymph node metastasis, ILC: 0% P-CAD+ (0/18) P-CAD expression correlates with increased mortality, ER and PR negativity. P-CAD is a better prognosis indicator than E-, N-CAD or P-CTN

1 CAD: Cadherin, CTN: catenin, IDC: invasive ductal carcinoma, DCIS: ductal carcinoma in situ, ILC: invasive lobular carcinoma, ECM: extracellular matrix, correlates with, f: increased, J,: decreased, >:originating from, +: expression, ++: strong expression, —: no expression, IHC: immuno-histochemistry, IP: immunoprecipitation, ICC: immunocytochemistry, (RT-)PCR: (reverse transcriptase) polymerase chain reaction, RR: relative ratio, OR: odd's ratio, ER: estrogen receptor, PR: progesteron receptor.




Paredes et al, 2002 (94)

Western Blot

Madhavan et al., 2001 (91) IHC

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