Typical Medullar breast cancer : ~ P-CAD positivity (RR=2.29)

Western Blot, RT-PCR

Invasive breast carcinoma (N=150): P-CAD expression ~ high histological grade, increased proliferation, c-erb2 and p53 expression, ER negativity and poor patient survival.

Gene promoter methylation treatment -> increased P-CAD mRNA and protein levels (MCF-7/AZ cells). Invasive carcinoma: P-CAD negativity ~ CDH3 promoter methylation (71%) and P-CAD positivity ~ unmethylated CDH3 promoter (65%)

Normal P-CAD negative breast epithelial cells: 100% CDH3 promoter methylation

Table 2. Ligand/receptor interactions regulating breast cancer cell motility and metastasis




Effect on motility and metastasis


Autocrine Motility Factor (AMF)

AMF receptor

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