Kovacs and Walker, 2003 (97) IHC

sP-CAD+ (sE-CAD+) in carcinoma and benign breast lesions (same levels), no correlation with P-CAD expression in breast cancer

Breast carcinoma (N=51):

E-CAD | ~ lymph node metastasis, high histological grade P-CAD | ~ lymph node metastasis (significantly)

IDC: 35% P-CAD+ (74/210), ~ tumour size, high histological grade, lymph node metastasis, ER and PR negativity, decreased E-CAD expression (after multivariate analysis)

Myoepithelial cells: 100% P-CAD+ (10/10)

IDC: 43.5% P-CAD+ (30/69), ~ high histological grade (Gr III)

P-CAD expression correlates with ER negativity and high histological (DCIS) tumour grade, higher proliferation and expression of c-erB2

Lactating breast gland tissue: P-CAD++, shift of myoepithelial cells (membranous) —> luminal epithelial cells (cytoplasm) and luminal secretion fluid. Human milk: sP-CAD (80kD)

IDC (N=100): P-CAD + 40%, N-CAD + 30% (cytoplasm) and E-CAD + 81%

P-CAD expression ~ higher histological grade, ER negativity and EGFR expression (not tumour size or lymph node metastasis)

High sensitivity of P-CAD to distinguish between myoepithelial cells (+) and myofibroblast«; cells (-). P-CAD can be used in the differential diagnosis of sclerosing adenosis (benign) and invasive carcinoma


Palacios et al, 2003 (98)

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