Tumour devascularization techniques

Surgical ligation of the hepatic artery and insertion of a hepatic artery catheter have been used to deprive the tumour of oxygenated blood and to provide a route for the direct administration of cytotoxic chemotherapy. Such techniques have been superceded by the use of chemo-embolization via radiologically placed catheters in the hepatic artery. This technique is less invasive and, using chemotherapy such as adriamycin combined with lipiodol uptake by the tumour, is demonstrable on CT scan. Repeat embolization is performed at 2-3 month intervals and tumour regression with associated regeneration of normal liver may render some tumours resectable.

Chemo-embolization or hepatic artery ligation can be complicated by acute hepatic decompensation and liver failure, although this is uncommon with appropriate patient selection.

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