Role of HDC in the treatment of specific tumours

♦ Relapsed aggressive lymphoma—proven salvage treatment

♦ Refractory lymphoma—10% remission

♦ Poor prognosis NHL—first-line treatment

♦ Multiple myeloma—first-line treatment

♦ Relapsed refractory Hodgkin's disease—first-line treatment

♦ Acute leukaemia—especially if no donor

♦ Metastatic testicular germ-cell tumours—relapse after second remission

—failure to achieve complete remission

♦ Breast cancer—salvage treatment for relapsed metastatic breast cancer

—(controversial) initial chemotherapy for metastatic disease (50% remission)

—(controversial) early-stage, poor-risk breast cancer

♦ Ovarian cancer—early data encouraging

♦ Small-cell lung cancer—early data encouraging

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