♦ Abdominal ultrasound to confirm organ of origin, determine extent of any spread within the abdomen, confirm patency of the inferior vena cava

♦ Chest X-ray to detect pulmonary metastases

♦ Full blood count to detect anaemia resulting from haemorrhage into the tumour

♦ Prothrombin and partial thromboplastin times—some patients may acquire von Willebrand disease

♦ Urea, creatinine, and urinalysis to detect any gross abnormalities of renal function

♦ Urinary catcholamines to exclude neuroblastoma

♦ CT scan of chest and abdomen

It is important to know that the contralateral kidney is functioning adequately before surgery and IVU, DMSA scan, or excretion of contrast at the end of a CT scan of the chest/abdomen is useful in this role.

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