Herpes viruses

Epstein-Barr virus is an endemic lymphotrophic herpes virus. Primary infection of the oropharyngeal epithelium produces pharyngitis and subsequent B lymphocyte infiltration. Infection results in lifelong latent infection within lymphoid tissue and B-lymphocytes. A number of EBV encoded proteins have oncogenic potential (EBNA 1 and LMP 1). T-cell surveillance restricts the ability of these proteins to deregulate cell growth/apoptosis with consequent emergence of a lymphoproliferative disorder. EBV is associated with a number of human tumours including:

♦ Non-endemic/sporadic BL.

♦ Undifferentiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC).

♦ Lymphoproliferative disease and immunoblastic lymphomas, in immunocompromised host.

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