Dosage of oxaliplatin

Two commonly used regimens exist:

♦ First: 85 mg/m2 every two weeks as a 2-6 hour infusion.

♦ Second: 130 mg/m2 over a similar length of time repeated every three weeks.

However, a multitude of studies exist using a variety of different dosing regimens, including chronomodulated infusion together with 5-fluorouracil. When used as a single agent in colorectal cancer, an overall response rate of around l0% is achieved in patients who are resistant to 5-fluorouracil and around 20% in those not previously exposed to 5-fluorouracil. Of clinical importance, the highest response rates are seen when oxaliplatin is added to regimens with 5-FU and folinic acid. There is synergy between these agents. A study in first-line colorectal cancer has shown a marked increase in response rates in those patients given oxaliplatin; however there is no clear survival advantage.

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