Chapter 1l Breast cancer

Chemo Secrets From a Breast Cancer Survivor

Breast Cancer Survivors

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Epidemiology 298

Genetics of breast cancer 3OO

Pathology 302

Prognostic factors 304

Breast cancer screening 306

Breast cancer—presentation and staging 310

Management of non-invasive breast cancer 312

Management of early breast cancer 314

Management of locally advanced breast cancer 318

Management of metastatic breast cancer 320

Prevention of breast cancer 322

Much effort has been invested in this most common solid tumour occurring in women. The study of breast cancer has rewarded us with lessons in many aspects of oncological practice:

♦ Population screening

♦ Medical genetics

♦ Adjuvant therapy

♦ Meta-analyses

♦ Clinical guidelines

The benefits of this industry are now visible, with a fall in breast cancer deaths over the last decade.

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