signal peptide

Ig domain I

acidic region

Ig domain II

Ig domain III transmembrane domain kinase domain I

kinase domain II COOH-terminal tail

Figure 3.I.3.E. Structures of FGF Receptors. The structures of FGF Receptors are modular. Their variety is possible through the use of alternative splicing. The basic structure is depicted to the left. The solid symbol represents a premature truncation. Note the use of alternative COOH-termini (open boxes).

mutation 940-2A ^ G of the fgf receptor-2 gene occur in gastric carcinoma. Another constitutively active form of FGF Receptor-2 may be expressed in osteosarcoma secondary to a chromosomal rearrangement that fuses the NH2-terminus of FGF Receptor-2 to an unknown protein. Mutations in the fgfr-3 gene are associated with colorectal cancer [Powers et al. 2000]. • Myeloid cells containing the t(4;14)(q16.3;q32.3) translocation overexpress FGF Receptor-3.

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