Marketing Department

In an effort to improve relationships with donor hospitals, many OPOs choose to develop a separate department that focuses on providing hospital-specific services, with marketing coordinators assigned to specific donor hospital "accounts." These services start with educating physicians, nurses, and ancillary staff about their roles in the donor process. Donor manuals may be developed to explain the process and answer common questions. The main goal of such a department is donor identification and referral.

The marketing coordinator is also involved with postcase follow-up. A few days following a case, the RSC debriefs the donor hospital's marketing coordinator. During debriefing, both positive and negative issues are discussed regarding every aspect of the donor process. This discussion may include physicians consulting on the case, nursing staff interactions, trouble with scheduling the OR case, etc. Within a few weeks of a case, the marketing representative may set up a meeting with the ICU and OR staff. This is called a post donor referral conference (PDRC). This is time spent talking over each aspect of the case and answering any questions the staff may have regarding the donor process. Recipient information is shared, which helps the ICU and OR staff understand the importance of their participation in the process.

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