For the Thoracic Organ Recovery

Michael A. Wait, Dan M. Meyer, Michael E. Jessen, W. Steves Ring

Thoracic Organ Procurement Technique 128

Isolated Donor Cardiectomy 129

Combined Donor Cardiectomy and Pneumonectomy 131

Principles of Lung Preservation 134

Perfusate Composition 134

Prostaglandins 136

Preservation Temperature, Ventilation Volume and Composition 136

Bronchial Arterial Perfusion 137

Retrograde vs. Antegrade Flush Administration 137

Principles of Myocardial Preservation 138

Cardiopulmonary Bypass and Procurement 139

Adenosine 140

Impact of Brain Death on the Heart 141

Reimplantation-Reperfusion 141

Summary 142

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