Transcription Initiation 504

Amino Acid Biosynrhetic Operofls Are Controlled by Premature Transcription Termination 504

Ribosomai Proteins Are Translations! Repressors of Their Own Synthesis 506 Box 16-4 Rtbosicnchcs 509 THE CASE OF PHAGE X: LAYERS OF REGULATION 512 Alternative Patterns of Gene Expression Control

Lytic and Lysogenic Growth 513 Regulatory Proteins and Their Binding Sites 514 K Repressor Binds to Operator Sires Cooperatively 515 Box 16-5 Concentration, Affinity, and Cooperative Binding 516

Repressor and Cro Bind in Different Patterns to Control Lytic and Lysogenic Growth 517 Lysogenic Induction Requires Proteolytic Cleavage of X Repressor 518 Negative Autoregulation of Repressor Requires Long-Distance Interactions and a Large DNA Loop 519 Another Activator, Xcll, Controls the Decision between Lytic and Lysogenic Growth upon Infection of a New Host 520 Box 16-6 Generic Approaches char Identified Genes h^olved in the Lytic/Lysogenic Choke 521

Growth Conditions of E. co/i Control the Stability of Oil Protein and thus the Lytic/Lysogenic Choice 522 Transcriptional Ant ¿termination in X Development 523 Retroregulation: An Interplay of Controls on RNA Synthesis and Stability Determines in Gene Expression 524 Summing 525 yifcJicsrafjhy 526

Gene Regulation in Eukaryotes 529

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