In Biochemical Reactions 57 Free Energy In Biomolecules

High-Energy Bonds Hydrolyze with Large Negative AG 58 HIGH-ENERGY BONDS IN BIOSYNTHETIC REACTIONS 60 Peptide Bonds Hydrolyze Spontaneously 60 Coupling of Negative with Positive AG 61 ACTIVATION OF PRECURSORS IN GROUP TRANSFER REACTIONS 61 ATP Versatility in Group Transfer 61

Activation of Amino Acids by Attachment of AMP 63 Nucleic: Acid Precursors Are Activated by the Presence of © 64

The Value of Q- O Release m Nucleic Acid Synthesis 64 © ~© Splits Characterize Most

Biosynthetic Reactions 65 Summary 67 BiHiagmphy 67

chapter 5

Weak ant! Strong Bonds Determine Macromolecular Structure

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