Chromosome Sequence And Diversity 130

Chromosomes Can Be Circular or Linear 130 Every Cell Maintains a Characteristic Number of Chromosomes 131 Genome Size Is Related to the Complexity of rhe Organism 133 The E. co/i Genome Is Composed almost Entirely of Genes 134 More Complex Organisms Have Decreased Gene Density 134 Genes Make Up Only a Smalt Proportion of the Eukaryotic Chromosomal DNA 135 The Majority of Human Intergenic Sequences

Are Composed of Repetitive DNA 137 CHROMOSOME DUPLICATION

AND SEGREGATION 138 Eukaryotic Chromosomes Require Centromeres, Telomeres, and Origins of Replication to Re Maintained during Cell Division 138 Eukaryotic Chromosome Duplication and Segregation

Occur in Separate Phases of the Cell Cycle 141

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