Chromosomal Theory Of Heredity

A principal reason for the original failure to appreciate Mendel's discovery was the absence of firm facts about the behavior of chromosomes during meiosis and mitosis. This knowledge was available, however, when Mendel's laws were confirmed in 1900 and was seized upon in 1903 by American biologist Walter S. Sutton, in his classic paper "The Chromosomes in Heredity," Sutton emphasized the importance of the fact that the diploid chromosome group consists of two

F 2 generation female gametes

FIGURE 1-2 The inheritance of flower color in the snapdragon. One parent is homozygous for red flowers (A4) and the other homozygous for white flowers (on), No dominance is present, and the heterozygous Ft flowers are pink The 1:2\ 1 ratio of ted. pink, and white flowers in the f 3 progeny is shown by appropriate coloring.

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