mRNA 3T U~C G 15' i 1 codon

FIGURE 2-14 Yeast alanine tRNA structure, as determined by Robert w. Motley and tiis associates. The anticodon in this rRNA recognizes rtie codon for alanine tn the mRNA. Several modified nucleosides exist in tlie structure i]j = pseudoundine, T - ribottiy-midine, DHU = 5,6-difTydrouridine, I — inosine, rn'C -- J-meth ylguan nstrte. m1 1-methyhno-sine, and m7G = W-dimethyigLienasme

FIGURE 2-15 Transcription and translation. T he nucleotides of mRNA arc assembled to foim a complementary copy of one strand of DNA. Each group of thrpp is a cod on that is complementary to a group qf three nucleotides in the anttcodon region of a specific tRNA molecule. When base pairing occurs, en amino aod carried at the other end of the tRNA molecule rs added to the gtouwng protein chain.

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