Shape Wiberg IIII see drawing Centering

1 Patellar tilt angle (formed by a line parallel to the lateral patellar articular surface and a line parallel to the posterior aspect of the femoral condyles [may be drawn in sections at various levels, if necessary]): • > 8°


Congruence angle (formed by the bisector of the notch angle

and a line connecting the patellar apex with the deepest point

of the notch):

• 6° to -6°


Notch angle:

• 135-145° (average ca. 138°)


Lateral displacement:

• <5% (i.e., less than 5% of the patella is lateral to a line that is

perpendicular to the line joining the femoral condyles at the

level of the lateral condyle)


Patellar ligament:

a Length: 3.5-5.5 cm

b Width: 2.5-3 cm

c Thickness: 7 mm


Ratio of length of patellar ligament to height of patella =

0.8-1.2 (> 1.2 = high-riding patella)



a Patella: 3-4 ± 1 mm

b Femoral condyles and tibial plateau: ca. 2.2 ± 0.6 mm

Axial image
Axial image
Axial image

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