Periphery Common iliac artery

• External iliac artery

• Internal iliac artery

• Common femoral artery

• Superficial femoral artery (see below)

• Circumflex femoral artery

• Profunda femoris artery

• Popliteal artery (see below)

• Anterior tibial artery

• Posterior tibial artery

• Peroneal (fibular) artery:

— Position (no displacement)

— Course (no excessive tortuosity or coiling)

— Signal characteristics (homogeneous intra-luminal signal, no filling defect)

Veins Vessels

Soft tissues and bony structures

— Contours (smooth; no circumscribed, segmental or beaded constrictions; particularly note superficial femoral artery in the adductor canal)

— No circumscribed outpouching (e.g., popliteal artery)

No arteriovenous communications No pathologic vessels or cutoffs (If evaluable)

Phase-contrast angiogram of the pelvic vessels

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