Normal Findings in CT and MRI

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Moeller, Torsten B. [CT- und MRT-Normalbefunde. English]

Normal findings in CT and MRI / Torsten B. Moller, Emil Reif. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-86577-864-7 (TNY). - ISBN 3-13-116521-9 (GTV) 1. Tomography. 2. Magnetic resonance imaging. 3. Reference values (Medicine) 4. Human anatomy. I. Reif, Emil. II. Title. [DNLM: 1. Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 2. Tomography, X-Ray Computed. WN 185 M726c 1999a] RC78.7.T6M6413 1999 616.07'57-dc21 DNLM/DLC

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To my father, Alfred Moeller, in love and gratitude

This book, like its conventional counterpart Normal Findings in Radiography, deals with the apparently banal subject of the normal. It addresses the question of how to recognize what is normal and how to describe normal findings. These questions are as important in computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging as in other modalities. Even "sectional imaging" is based on the classical approach of reading images and formulating findings.

This book follows the same format used in Normal Findings in Radiography. Each section starts with a brief descriptive interpretation of normal findings in the region of interest. Next comes a checklist that follows the sequence of the descriptive text and provides a systematic framework for image interpretation. Some of the checklist entries offer phrasing suggestions that may be helpful in the formulation of findings. Most sections conclude with a table of "Important Data" listing the normal ranges of values for the most important measurable parameters. Of course, the "normal findings" presented here can only assist the radiologist in formulating his or her own findings. But regardless of whether we are taking a brief look or conducting a detailed evaluation, the system that is used in radiological interpretation should be reflected in the clarity and precision of the findings. This book is intended to further that goal.

We express sincere thanks to Alexandra Klaser, Sabine Mattil, Tanja Metzger, Monjuri Paul, Pia Saar-Schneider, Gisela Wagner, and especially Brigitte Schild for their help in compiling the CT and MR images. We also thank our colleagues Dr. Markus Bach, Dr. Christoph Buntru, Dr. Wolfgang Theobald, Dr. Albert Schmitt, Dr. Karl-Ernst Schmitt, Dr. Heike Rochelmayer, Dr. Pattrick Rosar, Dr. Lutger Henke, Dr. Klaus Kuhnen, and Dr. Christa Weller-Schweizer for their help and many suggestions, which helped see the book to its completion.

Dillingen, 1999 Torsten B. Moeller

Emil Reif

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