Lateral ligaments

• Width of the anterior talofibular ligament and calcaneofibu-lar ligament: 2-3 mm

• Angle between the longitudinal axes of the first and second metatarsals = 7.4 ° ± 2.6° (> 9° is suspicious for hallux valgus)

8 Boehler's angle (formed by a line connecting the posterosupe-rior and anterosuperior prominences of the calcaneus and a line through the sustentaculum tali):

• 20-40° (signifies calcaneal integrity)

Fig. 3: Axial image 4 mm above the plane in which the lateral part of the tarsus is first visualized

Fig. 4: Axial image 8-10 mm above the plane in which the articular surface of the calcaneocuboid joint is first visualized

Location of the semicoronal and axial image planes
Coronal image

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