1. A Tesla is the standard unit of measurement for magnetic field, named after a physicist named Nicola Tesla who was born in Croatia in 1856. Tesla first observed the relationship between alternating current in a set of wires and the changes in the magnetic field that were produced.

2. The RF range is usually expressed in 10s and 100s of MHz, where 1 Hertz (Hz) = 1 cycle/second, and 1 MHz = 1,000,000Hz.

3. The presence of metal objects in the room can distort or alter the measured magnetic fields.

4. This is because a current induced in a wire only occurs when there is a magnetic field that is perpendicular to it. There is a physical law allows the size and the orientation of the induced current and the magnetic, as well as electric, field to be calculated.

5. By contrast, EEG electrodes that sit of the scalp's surface sample activity mainly from neurons that are tangential to the cortical surface (tangential sources). Hence, EEG and MEG actually give complementary information about the neural activity that is seen in preferentially in the surface (gyri) and folds (sulci) of the cerebral cortex.

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