School and ADHD

While this book focuses primarily on parenting a 'multicoloured household', aiming to help parents to understand and look after each individual child and the family as a whole, I am optimistic enough to hope that there are some teachers out there who want to learn all they can about teaching our multicoloured children. Children with AD/HD, maybe more so than any other disorder, have problems at school. Exclusion is all too common, and those of you with children with AD/HD will be painfully aware of the battles and heartaches that occur as a result of trying to make teachers understand the differences in our children and the reasons why they behave as they do.

For all you teachers reading this, can I first say thank you. Most parents are aware of the difficulties you face when having to follow a curriculum, meet targets, deal with large class sizes and face a range of difficulties within the classroom. We understand how hard it must be. However as parents, we are our children's advocates and as such, have to fight to make sure they are understood and provided for. All we want as parents is to be listened to so we can try to make life easier for you as teachers, for the rest of the class and for our children with AD/HD.

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