Looking on the positive side

Whilst I have included many tips on how to survive (and enjoy) life with our colourful children in Chapter 12, the 'Survival guide', one thing that is vitally important for all parents of children with AD/HD is to remember that as much as it may not feel like it sometimes, AD/HD does have its positives too. This side is often overlooked. AD/HD is present in many highly intuitive, creative people and it is important to recognize that our very special children have a wealth of capabilities and beauty to bestow on the world.

Joe seems to have a 'sixth sense' and can often tell me why Ben is behaving the way he is, and when Ben was non verbal, could explain to me why he was screaming. If I ask him how he knows things, he just shrugs and says that he does - these feelings need to be recognized and nurtured. If I could charge for hiring Joe out to parents of autistic children, I would make a fortune because he can get the most 'far away' child to engage with him.

Joe can suddenly produce an astounding piece of artwork in the midst of a jumble of hyperactivity, come out with the most insightful and profound statement, and is capable of amazing all around him with his brilliance. His ability to 'hyperfocus' is admirable, and he produces some wonderful drawings, whilst chaos reigns around him.

Here is one that he drew earlier!

Joe is an eternal peacemaker, compassionate, fun loving, hilariously entertaining, intuitive, creative, loving and witty. I could go on and on! (Can you tell I am rather proud of him?) He has boundless energy and with the right strategies in place and the right environment and understanding, there is no reason why he and all children with AD/HD can't go on to become brilliant, positive members of society.

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