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Whilst I love my boys and their differences dearly, I would give the world to ensure they are healthy and happy. For them, that meant eradicating their bowel problems. Many children on the autistic spectrum have bowel problems - not all, but many. Indeed there seems to be a growing number of autistic children who have a combination of autism, food intolerances and bowel disorders. As I have already written in Joe's story, Joe had horrendous and seemingly inexplicable diarrhoea. Luke had always suffered from a lesser degree of diarrhoea, stomach pains and bloatedness and always looked ill, having a white face and black rings around his eyes. Ben on the other hand suffered from dreadful constipation necessitating an outreach nurse to visit weekly and administer enemas. Over the years, he has been given every laxative available, had anal stretches, torn his back passage and generally had a life of torment, so severe was the constipation. Watching them suffer in this way has been heart wrenching and I would have done anything to ameliorate their suffering.

Much research has been undertaken and is still ongoing, into the biological causes of autism and related disorders. One theory that has much anecdotal evidence (my own boys being an amazing testimony!) to suggest its efficacy, is that gluten (the protein found in certain grains) and casein (the protein found in dairy produce) cannot be broken down properly by people on the autistic spectrum. This results in peptides being produced and these leak into the bloodstream and cause innumerable problems. Gluten is broken down into gluteomorphine and casein is broken down into caseomorphine and as you can probably surmise by their names, these peptides have an opiate effect. By removing the offending foods, the production of these peptides is stopped and therefore so does their opiate effect.

There are many excellent books and writings on this subject so I won't go into any more detail (see Recommended Reading) and as I

have said, this is only a theory. I can say that it is a theory that is tried and proven to be beneficial to autistic children throughout the world and Luke wrote his first book - A User Guide to the GF/CF Diet for Autism, Asperger Syndrome and AD/HD - because he felt so strongly about the benefits ofthis diet and for us it has been miraculous. Before removing gluten and casein, Ben was totally distant - away in his own little planet autism. He is now fully aware of his surroundings, talks more and more each day and in many ways autism would not be spotted in him other than by a trained eye. Only a parent or someone that lives with an autistic child can understand exactly what changes become apparent when a child is reacting to a food or chemical. I have numerous phone calls every week as a parent endeavours to carry out their detective work and discover what is in a child's diet that has caused some either major or minor change in their behaviour. I invariably get another delighted phone call to inform me that the removal of one product has resulted in positive changes. Whilst it may not help everyone, it certainly made a difference to our lives.

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