Further biological interventions

For Ben, Joe and Luke to get to the stage they are at now, I have researched and tried many forms of intervention, some of them biological. The Sunderland Protocol (Shattock and Whitely 2000) details a logical sequence of biological interventions, and many places, including the autism research unit in Sunderland and the Autism Research Centre in San Diego, continue to research the biological differences in autistic people, producing a growing amount of evidence that shows that autism is more than simply genetics. Other forms of biological intervention are as follows:

• Removal of excito toxins - Aspartame (artificial sweetener) and monosodium glutamate (flavour enhancer) have been shown to have adverse effects on many people, not just those with autism.

• Anti fungal treatment - There is evidence that candida in the gut is linked with autism (see Useful Websites).

Allergy testing - Often children have true allergies to other foods.

• Supplementation - Many children are found to be lacking in vitamin B6, zinc and magnesium, calcium, trace elements, minerals and other nutrients.

• Essential fatty acids - Eye Qcapsules or liquid or hemp oil are good sources of omega 3, 6 and 9, the essential fatty acids that evidence suggests many of us are lacking in.

• Epsom salt baths - People with autism often have a sulphation problem (as a starting point for more information on this, see some of the references in the Useful Websites and Recommended Reading sections) and Epsom salts, either in the bath or cream rubbed on the skin, helps with this process.

• Enzymes - The opioid excess theory argues that certain foods are not broken down, and so result in peptides being formed. Enzymes are now available which are supposed to break down the foods fully and so stop such foods having an adverse effect.

With each intervention, Joe, Ben and Luke have improved dramatically and have made some move forward however unperceivable it may have been to anyone else. When I introduced zinc and magnesium, Ben stopped licking everything in his path, when I give Joe Epsom salt baths he gets to sleep much easier, vitamin B6 made Ben less 'spacey' and the Feingold diet (see Chapter 5) reduced Joe's hyperactivity dramatically.

Whilst biological intervention should ideally be undertaken under the supervision of a professional, I am sure many of you parents reading this have testimonies of how different biological interventions affected your children, even when scorned by the medical field. For those professionals reading this, please, please read some of the information on the biological aspects of autism, listen to us as parents and support us in helping our children.

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