Experimental Variables

a. Mucoadhesive Polymer Characteristics. Choice of polymer plays an important role in the release kinetics of the drug from a mucoadhesive dosage form. Ocular bioavailability from a mucoadhesive dosage form will depend on the polymer's bioadhesion properties, which, in turn, are affected by its swelling properties, hydration time, molecular weight, and degree of crosslinking. Other factors, such as pH, mucin turnover, and disease state, that affect bioadhesion will be discussed later. There are various new polymers now being introduced in the pharmaceutical market. Some of these polymers have found a place in the ophthalmic drug development industry. Recently, polyethylene oxide (PEO) has been investi-

Figure 3 Partial structure of polycarbophil.
Table 1 Some Representative Mucoadhesives with Their Relative Mucoadhesive Performance

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