Zygomycosis is regularly lethal in absence of treatment. Zygomycetes are resistant to most of the currently available antifungal drugs. Amphotericin B is the only drug that exhibit potent in vitro activity and in vivo efficacy and it represents the first-line treatment of all forms of zygomycosis. Nevertheless, the clinical efficacy of amphotericin B remains suboptimal with an overall mortality rate of approximately 40% (Roden et al., 2005). This mortality rate has been stable during the last 50 years. This poor prognosis could also be related to the rapid progression of the disease, the difficulty of an early diagnosis, and the poor penetration of antifungal drugs at the site of infection related to thrombosis and tissue necrosis. Adjunctive therapy is of importance, particularly surgery and management of underlying risk factors. Combination of amphotericin B with surgery significantly increases survival rate. Surgery has been shown to improve survival in cutaneous zygomyco-sis, but also in the rhinocerebral and pulmonary forms of the disease (Spellberg et al., 2005a).

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