Random Mutagenesis Mutant Libraries and High Throughput Screening of Mutants

Large genome-saturating mutant A. fumigatus libraries can be extremely effective tools to identify virulence genes, especially when coupled to high-throughput screens. Remarkably, to date, only one collection of randomly tagged A. fumigatus mutants has been described (Brown et al., 2000). There are several novel methods to construct such a mutant library, including in vivo transposon muta-genesis (Firon et al., 2003) and Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation (Sugui et al., 2005).

A. fumigatus mutant libraries and collections of deletion mutants can be tested in high throughput screens to identify genes involved in specific processes. For example, screens that identify sensitivity or resistance towards antifungal drugs, oxidants, cell wall damaging agents and even phagocytosis by soil amoebae will enhance our knowledge of A. fumigatus pathogenesis and drug resistance (Krappmann, 2006). Alternative, faster in vivo models, using infected moth larvae and immunodeficient fruit flies have also been developed recently and could be amenable to high-throughput screening (Renwick et al., 2006; Lionakis et al., 2005).

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