Proteomic Analysis

Conditions for the reliable proteomic analysis of A. fumigatus were recently described (Kniemeyer et al., 2006). Proteome analysis has identified a large set of membrane bound A. fumigatus GPI-anchored proteins (Bruneau et al., 2001) over 50 hyphal cytosolic proteins (Carberry et al., 2006) and over 30 specific proteins expressed during growth on glucose and ethanol (Kniemeyer et al., 2006). Studies are underway to analyze the A. fumigatus proteome following temperature shift, H2O2 addition and neutrophil contact (A. A. Brakhage, personal communication, 2005). Future proteome studies should include the identification of all A. fumigatus cell-wall proteins in the presence and absence of cell wall destabilizing agents, secreted proteins ('Secretome'), conidial and hyphal-specific proteins, etc.

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