It is surprising how little is known about the cellular mechanisms of internalization and killing of A. fumigatus by alveolar macrophages. Recent work indicates that following recognition by the macrophage dectin-1 receptor (see above) A. fumigatus conidia undergo F-actin-dependent phagosomal internalization and subsequent fusion with endosomes to form an acidic phagolysosome (Ibrahim-Granet et al., 2003). During the first few hours, conidia undergo swelling, an early stage in germination. Swelling activates a complex phagolysosomal-killing mechanism involving acidic proteases and NADPH-oxidase bleaching. This gradually (24-48 h) kills and disintegrates the ingested spore, deforming it into a sickle-shaped ghost. Importantly, alveolar macrophages collected from corticosteroid immune-suppressed mice, while showing no reduction in number, were significantly inhibited in their ability to produce reactive oxygen intermediates and to kill conidia (Philippe et al., 2003).

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Cure Your Yeast Infection For Good

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