Pattern Recognition Receptors

The task of recognition of different micro-organisms or essentially recognising non-self and the activation of the appropriate pathways is allocated to pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) (Janeway, 1989). PRRs recognise general microbial components such as LPS and ß-1,3 glucans, and these complexes stimulate immune responses. Many PRRs exist in insects such as LPS-binding proteins (Kim et al., 2000; Koizumi et al., 1999), many different lectins (Yu et al., 2002; Koizumi et al., 1999), hemolin (Yu et al., 2002; Rasmuson et al., 1979; Lee et al., 2002), ß-1,3 glucan binding protein (Ochiai & Ashida, 2000; Ma et al., 2000; Jiang et al., 2003), Gram-negative bacterial recognition protein (Kim et al., 2000), peptidoglycan recognition protein (Zhu et al., 2003; Werner et al., 2000; Yu et al., 2002), and hemocytin (Kotani et al., 1995). The Toll and the immune deficiency (IMD) pathways integrate the signals from the PRRs and initiate the production of AMPs (Lau et al., 2003).

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