Upon invasion of insects by different micro-organisms, nodules are formed. Nodules are amalgamations of viable and degraded haemocytes, non-self material and melanised debris. Nodules are found attached to tissue or surrounded by haemocytes. The exact processes and events involved in the formation of nodules is not yet fully characterised, however, it is known that it is a lectin-mediated process (Vilmos & Kurucz, 1998). A lectin called scolexin is thought to be involved in nodule formation in Manduca sexta (see Kavanagh & Reeves, 2004). There is still a lot to be learnt of the process of nodulisation and it is likely that this process could represent a significant aspect of insect immunity.

Cure Your Yeast Infection For Good

Cure Your Yeast Infection For Good

The term vaginitis is one that is applied to any inflammation or infection of the vagina, and there are many different conditions that are categorized together under this ‘broad’ heading, including bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis and non-infectious vaginitis.

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