A. fumigatus microarrays have now become both reliable and widely available: (http://pfgrc.tigr.org/slide_html/array_descriptions/A_fumigatus_2.shtml).

To date they have been used to analyze the transcriptional response of A. fumigatus to the following perturbations: the antifungal drug voriconazole (da Silva et al., 2006), elevated temperatures (Nierman et al., 2005), H2O2, neutrophil and macrophage contact, low pH or salt concentrations, anaerobic conditions and during germination and development (G. S. May, personal communication, 2005). Future transcriptome studies could include comparisons between the response of wild-type and mutant A. fumigatus strains, as has been described for the A. fumiga-tus stuA developmental mutant (Sheppard et al., 2005).

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