Human Epidermis

Although less common, C. albicans also causes cutaneous infections which in immunocompromised patients can lead to severe systemic disease (Odds, 1988). Reconstituted human epidermis for in vitro experiments can be purchased from Skinethic Laboratory (Nice, France). This skin model consists of stratified keratinocytes and a differentiated stratum corneum which confers the permeability barrier characteristic of the epidermis. The model was used to test the role of the secreted aspartic proteases (Saps) encoded by 10 genes in C. albicans. Immunoelectron microscopy allowed the localization of Saps while quantitative RT-PCR revealed the different pattern of SAP expression during adhesion and penetration of the epidermis (Schaller et al., 1999; Schaller et al., 2000).

A more robust model of the human epidermis was constructed by adding dermal fibroblasts embedded in a collagen matrix which facilitated differentiation of kerati-nocytes into a multilayered epidermis with stratum corneum (Dieterich et al., 2002). This epidermis equivalent was used to test the contribution of two transcription factors, Cphl and Efgl, to invasion and penetration of epithelial tissues in vitro.

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