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Because of the general acceptance that cell-mediated immunity is crucial for clearance of Cn, the contribution of an antibody-mediated response has historically been uncertain. With the advent of monoclonal antibodies (mAb), there are now numerous studies showing that antibodies can provide protection or prolong survival in Cn infection (Parra et al., 2005; Yuan et al., 1995; Rivera & Casadevall, 2005). In fact, one mAb to GXM is in use an adjunctive therapy for cryptococcosis (Casadevall et al., 1998). However, it has also become clear that not all antibodies are protective against Cn (Lendvai & Casadevall, 1999) and the mechanism of Ab protection is quite complex (Casadevall & Pirofski, 2005). Ab protection can vary depending on the concentration of Ab, the innoculum size (Taborda et al., 2003), the strain of mouse (Rivera & Casadevall, 2005; Lovchik et al., 1999), the specificity (Mukherjee et al., 1995) and isotype of the Ab (Yuan et al., 1995; Yuan et al., 1998) and the cellular response to the infection, specifically the role of inducible nitric oxide and CD4+ and CD8+ T cells (Yuan et al., 1997; Rivera et al., 2002). The current view is that the antibody response to a Cn infection acts to enhance the cellular response by reducing inflammatory damage and modulating the immune response to contain the infection (Rivera et al., 2005; Feldmesser et al., 2002).

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